Roots Complete Hair Solution Package


Binadam Root hair Serum, Binadam Roots Hair Oil, and Binadam Roots Conditioner are three products that together make up the Binadam Roots Complete Hair Solution Package.

Binadam Root Serum is a hair serum that is formulated with natural ingredients such as amla, shikakai, and hibiscus. It is designed to promote hair growth, prevent hair fall, and strengthen hair from the roots.

Binadam Roots Hair Oil is a blend of 16 natural oils that nourish the hair and scalp. It helps to prevent dandruff, hair fall, and split ends while also promoting hair growth.

Binadam Roots Conditioner is a natural conditioner that contains ingredients such as aloe vera, hibiscus, and jojoba oil. It helps to detangle hair, add shine, and provide nourishment to the hair strands.

Together, these three products provide a complete hair care solution that helps to promote hair growth, prevent hair fall, and provide nourishment to the hair and scalp.


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